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Alleluia! Jesus lives. And, through our baptism, He lives in each of us also. What a great privilege it was to celebrate this new life that we have in Christ at the New Life Festival just one month ago. So many gave their time and talents to this awesome out-reach event—there were over seventy volunteers. Wow! This is one way Saint John’s shares the love of Jesus with friends, family and special guests.

Next month we will have the opportunity to again share that Good News at our Friends and Family Night Vacation Bible School. “High Seas Expedition - Exploring the Mighty Love of God” will be held June 21–25. Supper will begin at 5:15 pm and the opening will begin at 6:00 pm. Keep building a relationship with those around you so that they will be open to your invitation to come along with you to VBS! If you have children, think about the friends they could invite. And bring the whole family! Most of all, pray that the Holy Spirit works through His people at Saint John’s, that they be given words to tell others about Jesus. Pray that the Holy Spirit give you courage to be strong in your faith and share the love of Jesus to others. Pray that the Holy Spirit work through those you invite so that they can come to and grow in faith. May God bless us all in our walk with Him and with His peace and joy!

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St John's Food and Clothing Bank is operated by volunteers of St. John's Lutheran Church. This outreach to the community is possible through contributions from the church membership and friends of the congregation. Food and clothing are supplied to individuals requesting them at no cost.