CYO Sports


The St. Joseph Parish CYO Sports program provides opportunities for the youth of St. Joseph Parish and St. Joseph School to participate in various sports activities in a safe, well organized, and properly supervised program; and to develop skills, self discipline, and attitudes of sportsmanship based on the Christian principles of fair play and teamwork. CYO sports at St. Joseph are offered under the umbrella of the Archdiocese of Seattle and teams compete against other Catholic schools in the greater Seattle area.

In the fall we offer the opportunity to play soccer (grades 1-8) and run cross-country (grades K-8).

Late fall/early winter there is the opportunity to play basketball (grades 4-8).

In the spring CYO offers baseball for boys in grades 5-8, volleyball for girls in grades 5-8, and a track team for students in grades 4-8.

All athletes are encouraged to play and participate, both students at the school and students who attend other schools whose families are registered parish members are eligible to join our CYO teams.

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Image of St. Joseph Catholic Church

Last year, the community at St. Joseph came together to formulate a mission statement by which we capture the essence of our hopes and the call we have received.

Ignited by the Eucharist to love and serve, grounds our community in the heart of the Church—in the sacraments—yet also points us outward, toward the transformation of our world.