Washoe County Senior Law Project

1155 E. Ninth Street
Reno, NV 89512
United States
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(775) 328-2592
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Image of Washoe County Senior Law Project

The Senior Law Project (SLP) is a non-profit law firm operated by the Washoe County Department of Senior Services. The SLP provides legal services to persons 60 years and older, who are residents of Washoe County, without charge, although donations are welcomed. The project provides counseling and representation in a wide variety of cases and legal assistance in a broad spectrum of substantive areas. The types of services provided by the SLP vary widely, often depending on the subject matter, the client's objective and the complexity of the problem. There are types of matters for which other resources do exist or that based on a lack of resources, the SLP has determined not to provide comprehensive services. However, even in those areas, the SLP will provide realistic referrals, and depending on the issue, specific legal advice.

Mission Statement:

To promote older Nevadans' financial, social and economic self reliance and independent decision making through efficient, effective, high quality legal assistance and through general advocacy for their unmet needs and rights.
The Senior Law Project's mission provides the direction for prioritizing the legal services that it provides. Since the SLP receives many more requests for legal representation than it can provide, prioritization is the primary tool that makes our work manageable. The SLP emphasizes legal areas that most affect:

  • Low-income seniors
  • Low-income minority seniors
  • Frail seniors

The SLP develops its priorities to be consistent with these population groups and the values of its mission. Thus the SLP emphasizes cases which support persons to live independently. Other factors that the SLP considers in developing the following priorities are:

  • The degree the matter will affect the individual's life
  • The degree the successful resolution of the matter will assist others
  • The degree other resources for the resolution of the matter are unavailable
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