St. Joseph Catholic Church

732 18th Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98112
United States
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Last year, the community at St. Joseph came together to formulate a mission statement by which we capture the essence of our hopes and the call we have received.

Ignited by the Eucharist to love and serve, grounds our community in the heart of the Church—in the sacraments—yet also points us outward, toward the transformation of our world.

This year we have explored what it means for us “to love and serve” as a Eucharistic people. This process of discerning conversation—produced a Vision Statement that will then be supplemented, next year, with the development of a 5 year plan—needs to involve all parts of our community, all voices and visions by which the Spirit moves us.

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Adult Faith Formation

Identifies the spiritual needs and relevant faith and justice issues of our community; reviews, reflects and recommends programs to deepen the faith experiences of each individual while fostering a strong and vibrant community.

Baby Corner


Baby Corner attends to the physical needs of infants and young children in poverty. The parish community is encouraged to bring formula, food, and basic baby supplies throughout the year to the crib in the sanctuary.

Contact: Jeannie Jaybush (206)726-1435

CYO Sports


The St. Joseph Parish CYO Sports program provides opportunities for the youth of St. Joseph Parish and St. Joseph School to participate in various sports activities in a safe, well organized, and properly supervised program; and to develop skills, self discipline, and attitudes of sportsmanship based on the Christian principles of fair play and teamwork. CYO sports at St.

Prayer Tree


Many times throughout the year, parishioners experience hardships such as serious illness, accident, or a family member in peril. The Prayer Tree is a space in the weekly bulletin for people to pray for those in need. If you would like your prayer requests listed in the bulletin.

Contact: Renee Leet (206)324-2522 ext. 0