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Conferences, Lectures and Workshops: We bring locally and nationally renowned experts to speak to parents and educators throughout the school year.

SF Giants Awareness Event: We hold an annual LD Awareness Night, in collaboration with other organizations, at a San Francisco Giants ballgame. SAFE Voices: We run a group for LD teens, with volunteer assistance from local educational and psychological professionals.

School Liaisons and Support Groups: We train parent volunteers in local schools who create a bridge between PEN and the administration and provide a PEN presence in the school for other parents. We also help parents of LD kids set up parent support and advocacy groups at their schools. We provide opportunities for parents to network with other parents to discuss common issues.

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Brain-Based Professional Development

FREE! Teacher-to-teacher discussions on topics in brain research and classroom practice in a relaxed setting, with food and drinks provided.

Any interested educators teachers, administrators, educational therapists, tutors are welcome to come by for some food, drinks, and discussion.

Helping Children Learn to Navigate the Social Demands of Recess

Dominique Baudry and Jahna Pahl will share ideas on concrete strategies to ease some of the social anxiety of children and teenagers. They will discuss social learning groups and the role they can play in helping a child develop and expand their tools for handling social situations.

Learning to Play & Playing to Learn

For the fourth year in a row, the early childhood education community will be able to learn about how brain development is enhanced by play & how to create an environment that promotes learning through play.