Night Walker Enterprises Inc.

Steamboat, CO 80477
United States
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Night Walker Enterprises is a 501c3, non-profit organization that reaches out to Native American families on Reservations. It was started in 1986 by Lewis Trujillo, who was from Ute Indian heritage. Over the years and through generous donations from supporters, we have been able to provide families with food, clothing, warm coats, blankets, furniture and so much more.

One day, a Ute Indian named Night Walker heard children crying. He asked them what was wrong. They told him they wanted to go to school, but had no warm coats to wear.

Night Walker asked his family and friends to help him gather clothes and toys. Then he loaded his gifts on a large truck and made the long journey back to the children. The happiness of the little ones brought tears of joy to Night Walker's eyes. He and his friends continue to bring gifts to this very day, and the happiness of the children still brings joy to their hearts.

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Donation Center - Night Walker Enterprises Inc.

Collects clothing, toys and food, and delivers to residents of Native American reservations. Night Walker is an all volunteer agency and is entirely dependent on fund raisers, donations and profits from their retail store which sells artwork and jewelry & crafts made by Native American artists.

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Night Walker is dedicated to improving the distressed conditions on Native American reservations in the United States while promoting dignity and pride in the Native American Heritage, its traditions and spirituality.