Neighborhood Resource Office - City of Fort Collins

281 N. College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO 80524
United States
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(970) 224-6046
(970) 224-6159

Have you ever had a neighbor with a barking dog? Or a noisy house on your block? And did you wonder how you might best convey this information to those neighbors? Neighborhood Services is offering up a few "template letters" to help neighbors deal with sticky situations. You can use these letters and fill in your own specifics. Even if you don't want to send a letter, these may give you some ideas on how to approach a neighbor and start a conversation. We have also included a "Welcome Letter" that may help break the ice as you meet and greet new neighbors!

No person shall create, cause to be created, enforce or seek to enforce any provision contained in any restrictive covenant which has the effect of prohibiting or limiting the installation or use of Xeriscape landscaping, solar/photovoltaic collectors (if mounted flush upon any established roof line), clothes line (if located in back yards), or odor-controlled compost bins, or which has the effect of requiring that a portion of any individual lot be planted in turf grass.

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Community Mediation Program-Neighborhood Resource Office

Free and confidential conflict resolution service available to local residents experiencing minor (non-criminal) disputes. Professionally trained volunteer mediators help neighbors resolve their disputes without the cost or difficulties of the alternatives: lawsuits, police, retaliation.