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Metro Volunteer Lawyers
905 Sherman St # 400
Denver, CO 80203-1143
United States
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(303) 830-8210

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Metro Volunteer Lawyers Recruits and coordinates volunteer lawyers to perform free and low-cost legal services for people with no or very low income who live and work in Adams, Broomfield, Arapahoe, Denver, Elbert, Douglas, and Jefferson Counties.

MVL Member Bar Associations:

Denver Bar Association:

The Denver Bar, founded in 1891, has more than 7,000 members. Our staff is dedicated to giving you the best fiscal management, the latest in legal technology information, the best membership services, and public relations. You can reach most staffers at the bar by calling (303) 860-1115, or dial toll-free, (800) 332-6736.

First Judicial Bar Association:

The First JD Bar Association is an organization of attorneys licensed and links to Gilpin and Jefferson counties, located just west of Denver, Colorado. We have about eight lawyers, including judges, members of the District Attorney's office, members of the Ombudsman's office, and otherwise serving the public sector. However, most of our members are private attorneys, only-in-Office, or attorneys associated together in small firms of moderate size.

Adams Broomfield Bar Association:

The Adams / Brooklyn Bar Association is an association of lawyers for the Judicial District XVII. Set to include the bar for the counties of Adams and Broomfield after expansion of the Seventeenth Judicial District Adams County to include the newly created city and county of Broomfield in 2001, the Adams / Brooklyn Bar Association has established an identity as a key player in the communities it serves.

The Arapahoe County Bar Association:

The main activities of the Association include monthly meetings, continuing legal programs, community services and public education projects, and bar activities. The main activities include annual meetings of the judges with honors from the judiciary, the Law Day luncheon, a trip out of state that combines educational and social activities for members and families, a party, and the annual meeting in June which includes the golf tournament, election of officers and awards presentation. The Association presents three awards annually - Tommy D. Drinkwine Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year, Charles Dillon Public Service Award, and Raymond Frenchmore Award for outstanding service to the juvenile justice system.

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