Lutheran Family Services

3800 Automation Way Suite 200
Fort Collins, CO 80525
United States
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Lutheran Family Services

We believe that all people, from the newborn infant to the most elderly person, deserve to be valued in our community. Therefore, Lutheran Family Services is committed to offering love and support to the people it serves, regardless of race, religion, gender, or age, to help equip them to live full and whole lives.

Inspired by the compassionate love of Christ, Lutheran Family Services walks with the vulnerable, through services that heal, strengthen, and provide hope.


  • To provide homes and families for abused and neglected children.
  • To support elders in maintaining independence in their home.
  • To assist refugees in becoming productive citizens in the community.
  • To offer life giving alternatives to young pregnant women.
  • To strengthen troubled families.
  • To share hope with persons suffering from grief and loss.
  • To place a child with a loving and caring family.
  • To assist families hurt by disaster.
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Birth Parent & Adoption Services-Lutheran Family Services

Assists with issues surrounding an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. Considers important legal, medical, moral, financial and emotional factors through unbiased indiv/family counseling. Also provides assistance in creating an open adoption plan.

Foster Care-Luthern Family Services

Basic foster care for children who demonstrate age-appropriate developmental and emotional behaviors. Empowerment foster care for children who present some developmental and/or emotional difficulties.

Fostering Family Strengths-Lutheran Family Services

Providing parenting programs and support for families with children age 12 and younger. Parenting groups include: Nurturing Programs and groups are offered in Loveland and Ft. Collins four times a year. Visiting Friend program offers in-home support for parents.

Ready or Not - Lutheran Family Services

2-week curriculum for secondary schools focuses on debunking mythologies and exploring the realities of teen pregnancy and parenting. Also includes videos of local teens and families relating their experiences.

Volunteer Opportunities - Luthern Family Services

Mission: No religious affiliation required for clients. Lutheran Family Services' "Fostering Family Strengths" program is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse. We are looking for volunteers with a similar dedication who enjoy working with children and families and who are enthusiastic about promoting family strengths.