The Lupus Foundation of Colorado, Inc.

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The Lupus Foundation of Colorado, Inc.

The Lupus Foundation of Colorado Web site is created to provide you with the latest and most up to date information about Lupus. Whether you are newly diagnosed with Lupus, a longtime family member or friend, or a member of the medical community, this Web site will provide you with a better understanding of Lupus and tools to manage Lupus more effectively. Our programs and supportive services are designed to increase awareness and improve the quality of life for people living with Lupus through education, community outreach services, and support of research that will lead to effective treatment and cure for the disease.

Lupus is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that is difficult to diagnose, difficult to manage and, to date, without cure. For most people, Lupus is a mild disease affecting.

only a few body organs; for others, it may cause serious and even life threatening problems. Current statistics indicate that Lupus affects adult women approximately 10 times more frequently than men. Children are also affected by Lupus. Even though Lupus is more prevalent in this country than AIDS, sickle cell anemia, cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis, it is the least known of all major diseases.

This web site contains a comprehensive literature section, a Resource Guide for citizens of Colorado, our bi-monthly newsletter and a current listing of seminars and special events.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all people affected by Lupus and to promote efforts for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure of Lupus.

The Lupus Foundation of Colorado, Inc. (LFC) was established in 1972 for the purpose of providing support, education and training to everyone that is affected by the disease of Lupus. Our programs and services are designed to assist people with Lupus and their family and friends in dealing with the frustrations that may be encountered daily, living with a challenging and chronic illness. When a person inquires about Lupus, we respond immediately, realizing our job is to address the concerns, fears, and lack of knowledge about Lupus. We also strive to bring community awareness about the disease and the programs the Lupus Foundation of Colorado offers. Both awareness and education can be the key to saving lives.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of professionals many of whom have a direct relationship with Lupus. Their hands-on work to benefit the foundation is critical to the success of our work. The Health Advisory Board includes physicians representing different specialties who treat people with Lupus.

Our staff consists of a Chief Executive Officer, Director of Development, Director of Community Programs, Data Base Manager, and Office Manager as well as valued volunteers who all help make a difference in the lives of people living with Lupus.

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LEAP – Colorado’s Low-Income Energy Assistance Program

LEAP provides financial assistance with utility bills. This year addition federal funding to LEAP will allow an increase the minimum benefit by 75 percent to about $350 annually. This is an increase from the former $200 per household benefit.