Larimer Center for Mental Health

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The Larimer Center for Mental Health's mission is to deliver to the residents of Larimer County high quality mental health and specialized addictions treatment, education and supportive services to promote improved quality of life for persons with emotional and stress-related disorders, substance use disorders and mental illness.

As we, at Larimer Center for Mental Health, think about what this means, it is important to contemplate that it is not Mental Illness Month. Language matters and the words we use when we talk about ourselves and our beliefs can resonate deeply. Our children and our friends are listening.

Since the deinstutionalization of those with mental health disorders took place in the 1950s and 1960s, our society has made great strides in educating itself about the science that surrounds disorders of the brain. Unfortunately, the fear that surrounds mental health disorders remains. In fact, according to the Surgeon General, “the perception of people with psychosis being dangerous is stronger today than in the past.” This uninformed opinion has often been sited as the root of the social stigma that continues to burden those with mental health disorders. It has led us to use our jails to re-institutionalize those who are struggling with diseases of the brain.

“Bringing together behavioral health services in Larimer County is the right thing to do, and it’s our response to what the community has said they want,” says Randy Ratliff, Larimer Center for Mental Health Executive Director. “Nearly 50% of our consumers struggle with both mental illness and substance abuse disorders. By making substance abuse services an integral part of what we do at LCMH, we are able to treat all of our consumers holistically – focusing on their comprehensive needs as individuals.”

Stigma is something often discussed in the field of mental health. Why are diseases of the brain perceived so differently than diseases of other organs? Why is it that someone who discovers a lump on her breast might immediately seek diagnosis and treatment, while someone who becomes aware of a persistent abnormality of thought will wait, on average, seven years to seek treatment? As with cancer or diabetes or asthma, mental health disorders have benefited from the advances of modern science; yet, because of shame or fear or lack of resources, many continue to suffer in silence and isolation.

Since the 1950s, the suicide rate of Caucasian males between the ages of 15 and 24 has tripled. It is estimated that, in Larimer County alone, someone takes his or her own life every nine days. Can you imagine how we would react, as a community, if we lost so many of our neighbors, friends and families to swine flu?

We know that helping others boosts our own mental health, and so we challenge each and every one of you to take a few minutes and look closely at those around you. Muster the courage to overcome whatever it may be inside you that threatens to silence your voice, and ask, “Are you OK?” And know that whatever the answer, not only will you find treatment here at Larimer Center for Mental Health - you’ll find hope.

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Child & Family Services-Larimer Center for Mental Health

Committed to the maintenance of severely emotionall and/or behaviorally disturbed children and adolescents in their homes whenever possible, or in the least restrictive, closest to home/community placement. Services include: Outpatient Services, Family Preservation, Mental Health Core Services, Psychiatric Services, Day Treatment and Residential Placement. This is not a walk-in facility.

Larimer Center for Mental Health - Estes Park

Provides outpatient mental health services to adults (ages 18-59), seniors, and to children and youth through age 17 and their families. Residential and outpatient services, intensive case management, day treatment, vocational services, and club house services are available but may require travel to another location. 24-hour emergency services available to clients and non-clients.

Larimer Center for Mental Health - Fort Collins

Provides counseling for persons with mental illness and stress related disorders using individual, family and group therapy in outpatient or halfway house settings. The agency offers child, youth and family services, special services for seniors, and people living with post traumatic stress disorder.