Jeffco Action Center

8755 West 14th Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80215
United States
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Image of Jeffco Action Center

Jeffco Action Center, Inc. provides essential stabilizing services to the people in Jefferson County who are in danger of becoming homeless, or attempting to move out of homelessness. People can receive assistance with a five-day supply of food, clothing for the whole family, necessary household items and medical care. They may also register for temporary shelter at the Jeffco Action Center's Shelter, as well as begin the process of applying for the Food Stamps and Colorado Works programs.


Jeffco Action Center's mission is to provide an immediate response to basic human needs and to promote pathways to self-sufficiency.


To be a fluid and financially sound agency that identifies and responds to the basic human needs of the residents of Jefferson County.

Intervention, Prevention, Connection:

Since 1968, Jeffco Action Center has been committed to expanding and refining its services to meet client's ever-changing needs. The Action Center's goal is to give clients a continuum of services to meet their current needs and the means to become self-sufficient. In working toward this goal, Jeffco Action Center's services focus on three areas: Intervention, Connection and Prevention.


When a situation arises that could cause strife in a client's life, Jeffco Action Center helps by stopping the situation from getting out of hand. These situations are often where clients have to make a decision between paying their rent/mortgage payment or paying for food, medicine or utilities. The Action Center responds by providing immediate help and counseling to reverse the effects of the situation.

Programs in this area include: food, utility and rental assistance, bus tokens, homeless shelter and tenant/landlord counseling.


Many Action Center clients aren't faced with an immediate situation; rather they are struggling during certain times of the year that could turn into a crisis situation. For these clients, Jeffco Action Center helps by fulfilling their need and bridging the gap between what they have and what they need.

Programs in this area include: food, clothing, household items, utility and rental assistance, bus tokens, medical assistance, tenant/landlord counseling, homeless prevention and seasonal programs (school supplies, holiday food and Santa Shop.)


Often the Action Center finds that the solution too many client's situations is simply a matter of connecting them with services they may not be aware they qualified for. Jeffco Action Center works in this area by educating clients and connecting them to services that are designed to help them break the cycle of poverty while becoming self-sufficient.

Key partners include: Metro Community Provider Network and Exempla Lutheran Medical Center, Red Rocks Community College, Volunteers of America, Meals on Wheels, Family Tree and Jefferson County Human Services.

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