Colorado Foreclosure Hotline

Colorado Foreclosure Hotline
Denver, CO
United States
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877) 601-HOPE (4673)

The Foreclosure Hotline is a free service for homeowners who have missed a payment or are in danger of foreclosure. Hotline homeowners connect with vocational counselors housing. These counselors help borrowers understand their options while working with the borrower and lender to help avoid foreclosure. Since its October 11, 2006 the establishment, Foreclosure Hotline has received over 100,000 calls and assisted more than four out of five owners to reach a positive solution.

The Foreclosure Hotline is proud to partner with nonprofit agencies, HUD-approved housing counseling statewide. By creating a network of housing counseling through our toll free number, are able to put homeowners in touch with the nearest housing counseling to their property, ensuring the best service through face-to-housing counseling face. Contact the Hotline at (877) 601-HOPE to find a local agency.

The key players in the process of implementation of Colorado:

Public Trustee:

Each county is represented by a public administrator (sometimes also County Treasurer). The public administrator is responsible for sending the notice of election and demand (NED), once the mortgage company files for foreclosure.

Exclude Fiscal:

Mortgage companies are represented by lawyers to file for foreclosure in Colorado. Different attorneys excluded? offices in Colorado, including the following:

  • Aronowitz and Mecklenburg
  • Castle, Meinhold and Stawiarski
  • Dale & Decker
  • P. Michael Medved
  • Robert J. Hopp & Associates

Foreclosure attorneys are also responsible for publication of the notice of opportunity for foreclosure deferment mandate under HB 1276.

Housing Counselor:

A housing counselor is a nonprofit employee who can analyze loan products, budgets, and information difficult to present a complete financial picture and transparent to the mortgage company. Counselors work with landowners to achieve the best training solution for a particular situation.

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