Colorado Division of Housing

Colorado Division of Housing
1313 Sherman Stree
Denver, CO 80203
United States
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Image of Colorado Division of Housing

The Mission of the Colorado Division of Housing is to ensure that Colorado living in a safe, decent and affordable. They do this by helping communities meet their housing goals. Department of Health is your partner in providing financial assistance and services that increase the availability of housing to residents of Colorado who can least afford it.

The Foreclosure Hotline is a free service to Colorado homeowners who have questions about their home loans. If you have missed a mortgage payment in the case of an embargo, or if you think you might miss a payment, They encourage you to contact a housing counselor through the Line of foreclosure.

Factory-built (modular) housing, commercial structures, and manufactured homes sold in this state must meet Colorado safety standards. Colorado Division of Housing inspects buildings to ensure the health and safety of Colorado residents who purchase these units.

There are 15 counties in Colorado, not construction services. Hotels, motels and multifamily homes built in one of these counties are required to be inspected by the Division to ensure that they meet the construction standards adopted by the State Housing Board.

In addition to certifying the safety of mobile homes or other factory-built housing, the Housing Division offers a consumer complaint to the owners of these houses. The Consumer Complaints Service will respond to questions or resolve complaints through their knowledge of factory built homes and excellent relationship with manufacturers.

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